About Safe Food

Safe Food Corporation, located in Edgewater, NJ started its operations in the early 2000’s and later incorporated in 2003 as a sales and marketing arm of our mother company, KFC Gida A.S., a privately held specialty food and dried fruits packer located in Izmir, Turkey.

Our goal at Safe Food Corporation is to expand our product range and to continuously bring savings to our customers as an origin packer / importer with our unique “From the field to the table” service.  

We are proudly the only company to bring this service to their customers from our native Aegean with the services of an importer such as USDA – FDA passages, extended payment terms and local deliveries. 

Private labeling is a large part of our business and through our national distribution centers located in Southern California, Central Florida, NY/NJ, Texas and Eastern Canada, we are able to deliver our products in the continental US and Canada. Our delivery time to most destinations is between 2-5 days. We provide yearly national programs to our customers with fixed pricing and build inventories in the country. 

Running in 12 years, we strive to keep our service and quality of our products and soon will be CTPAT certified to only prove our commitment to this market and sector.