Organic Fruits

If you believe as we do, “natural is better”, please check out the organic products below for more information.

Before that, please note that Safe Food Corporation is a USDA and NOP certified organic food products importer and also have equivalent certifications for different countries if needed.


Organic Product List:


  • Organic Dried Apricots: Once harvested, they are pitted and dried under the sun with no preservatives for a dark brown color and a chocolate like taste. 


  • Organic Dried Figs:  They were already organic when first discovered by Adam & Eve. We carry on this tradition with our supported documentations from authorities.


  • Organic Raisins/Sultanas: They are just dried naturally with no preservatives under the sun and then processed according to your needs. 


  • Organic Sun Dried Tomatoes: They are dried under the sun naturally and only “organic salt” is added to preserve its color.


  • Organic Dried Mulberries: They are dried under the sun naturally without any chemicals or preservatives.